Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3

Hi ya'll,

I totally forgot to post up my review of Toy Story 3 which I saw with Cassie a few days ago. If one word could sum up this movie it would AMAZING, seriously...

From start to finish this movie holds your interest through plot development, drama and of course comedy. It starts off with re-introducing you to the main characters, they toys and Andy who has to make the touch decision of what he is going to do with his toys. Now it is a sad moment, to see him decide which to keep and which to leave but this is where the story truly begins...

From their lives at home to the slightly less sunny Sunnyside daycare. The plot thickens as all may not be what it seems. It makes you laugh and feel for the toys which also introduces new characters. Indeed it is a delight to see how toys may feel after being handled by a young hurts.

From then on it is a constant battle to escape Sunnyside which results in a Spanish Buzz, don't ask, just watch and you shall understand. For me Spanish Buzz was the highlight, something about his graceful movements, and over dramatic play outs of what he sees makes me chuckle every time. The dance scene between him and Jessie...well with just him in the beginning made me kack myself. It is perfect and it is definitely something to remember.

This movie is one that Pixar should be proud of. Once more they have added another to my DVD list and have kept my childhood movie from being raped. Eleven years was worth the wait. It was a pleasure to watch and if you have not seen it already then GET GOING! It was a perfect sequal-sequal, it did not overstep its boundaries and ended with a ending that made me feel that the story had come to its closing perfectly.

Ten frickin' stars out of ten.

Here is something for you all to enjoy...heh...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Preview of Melancholy Hill!

Hey, hey my little chitterbugs, how's it hanging?

Well another update on the world of Gorillaz. This is the beginning preview of the music video of Melancholy Hill. It seems that they have returned once more to the original 2D animation style for most of the characters except for Cyborg Noodle and the backgrounds...and who is the girl in the Mask? Well I do believe it is obvious enough...Enjoy...

Once more I do not own Gorillaz...le sigh...

Gorillaz review!!

Hey, hey groovers and shakers. Just a quick update on the wonderful animation created by the band GORILLAZ!!! Yay. Now if you have been following the blog, you might remember the animatic for the 'Evil Noodle Ident?' If not check it out since here is the completed work! Yay! It is amazing and once more it is showing off the skills of 3D and how awesome 3D enjoy!

Once more I do not own the Gorillaz...but I wish I did.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Socks are for your feet silly...

Here is something to brighten your day. I did not make this. OneyNG did, check him out on newgrounds. Awesome guy.