Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stickfigures are hardcore.

You'll understand.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tim Burton has nothing on this....

Now, not saying that I don't admire Tim Burton but really, he ain't got nothing when going up against American Mcgees' Alice. This man is a pure genius in making the horrible, twisted version of Alice in Wonderland into a kick ass game. I adored the first one although at the time the graphics would have been called poor, something about a knife wielding Alice, bloody cards and a twisted Cheshire cat just...reeled me in.

After many years it is finally revealed that the new game; Alice: Madness Returns is going to be released which makes me tickled pink. The story continues from the first. Alice had been put into an insane asylum due to her parents death in the house fire, her wonderland is her sickness, she kills the red queen to save not only herself; mentally, but the rest of wonderland...and so she leaves the asylum free of insanity...or so we thought.

Returning to the streets of London, it is clear that Alice has started to regress back to her old ways. Memories blurring reality with her imagination...which soon calls upon the wonderland to return. Here are two of the trailer teasers that make me giggle with glee...gotta love the 3D animation. Enjoy!!!

The blood and teeth are nicely done!...Although I think she needs to see a dentist...