Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Three posts in one day I know, I am insane but it is just because I wanted to share something with you all. I was absolutely shocked when I heard there was going to be a remake of the A Nightmare on Elm Street. Now this is fine, I usually don't mind seeing a remake because sometimes it improves...BUT, when you have friggin' Michael Bay...yes, that is right MICHAEL FRIGGIN' BAY as the producer it can only mean one thing...explosions and random fighting scenes since he ran out of plot line. Now...before you get all up me saying it won't be that bad, maybe I will be wrong but let me remind you of Transformers 2 and now he is making the third.

But there are highlights that save this rising disaster. Jackie Earle Haley will be taking on the role of Freddy Kruger himself. I liked him as the masked anti-hero Rorschach so there is a plus to it; however I am still a Robert Englund fan to the end. With new effects and the advancements in 3D might improve the slaying, after seeing many new remakes one can only assume that it will either be regarded as a good slasher film or go down hill with too many effects making it seem tacky and boring. I hope that it will be the former as I will be in line waiting to see this beauty when it is released in 2010. So there is my little rant of the day. I know that it is silly to be talking about this but I find it important to warn the world. Do not get your hopes up or they might be dashed.

Rachel out


Al said...

What is the world of Film coming too? Remember when we were 8-12 years old and 80% of new moives out where fricken' awesome. Now it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack...

Frank said...

I'm not a fan of Michael Bay. A wise film critique said that remakes should be of films that had potential but were poorly realised. Was Nightmare on Elm St any good in the first version?

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