Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And now for some news...

Hey there Wastelanders,

This is Rachel Ooooowwww! And I am coming from you live from the Capital Wastelands of Brisbane with some news. Now as all of you have known that Fallout 3 was to be the highlight of my life however something else has stolen it just as quickly. Since the 3D animation in that [despite the random glitches] was almost perfect I was eagerly awaiting the next one Fallout New Vegas...and guess what kiddies? IT IS COMING OUT THIS YEAR! 2/06/2010!! So grab your plasma rifles, your stimpacks and a hell of a lot of ammo because now for your viewing pleasure is the first released ad...right here on Galaxy News Radio.


Frank said...

Blue moon... Thanks Rachel. We will have to look into game cinematics.

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