Thursday, August 12, 2010


That's right kiddies. The newly released trailer for the third installment of Bioshock does not take place in Rapture any longer but Columbia, A floating city in the sky that is literally falling.

It seems to be just as interested as Rapture but with a more American moral induced, Uncle Sam feel. Gosh I am looking forwards to it. Released in 2012 apparently I am eagerly waiting for it.

The 3D animation is stunning, once more like Bioshock 2, it is clear that the people at 2K games really know their stuff and know how to pull you in. It gives me a reason to indulge in 3D more often. It is beautiful...Ahem.

So please enjoy the trailer...I know I did.


The Loud One said...

That looks EPIC. Amazing animation and use of perspective.

Frank said...

Point of View shots are so important for games animation and it's offspring. That was very entertaining.

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