Monday, November 8, 2010

Gorillaz Are just becoming awesomer...

Indeed my friends,

It seems as time goes on and on, the music and creations of Jamie Hewlett are only making me more and more jealous. Aha. This is a live video of the song "Doncamatic feat. Daley" it is amazing as the man is clearly talented and I hated to admit the first time I had heard the song I thought Daley was a woman...but he is a man, a very talented and vocally confusing male. Hehe. This was in Pheonix Arizona...awesome.

I would also like to add more information. No, you wouldn't think I would post a Gorillaz post without some form or animation or temptation? This is the trailer sneak peak for this very song. Thirty seconds but with a nice glimpse of 2D on the monitor it is clear the story of the 'Plastic Beach' continues. I love how animation and real life can be put together so beautifully now...le sigh. If only it was real. Eight more days until the  whole video is released! Whoooo!


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