Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

As most of you know there are some games that are just begging to be made into actual movies. The Professor Layton series is one of those timeless Japanese animated cartoons that I consider to be one. Although not released until late September to October this year for England and perhaps Australia. Professor Layton and his trusty, self-proclaimed assistant Luke are about to embark on a adventure, solving the mysteries and puzzles of eternal life! WHEE!


It is a wonderful design and when I played the games that were released in English for the Nintendo DS, the short snippets of animation splashed in were the highlight of the games, not to mention the puzzles that had me staring at my small screen for hours going 'WHY DOES IT MATTER HOW OLD THE GIRL IS? IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!!!' It is a fantastic series and I look forwards to seeing it released in English. Although already out in Singapore since March 18th, there has only been the Japanese release, and there is little chance of finding it with the correct I shall patiently wait and watch with glee.

Here is the trailer I found. I hope you are excited as I am... Yes I am looking at you Cassie. Wink, wink.

And yes, it is a little odd that a grown, English gentleman is always with a small pubescent boy...but I think we all know what is going on...Bow Chika Wow ow....
Oh me! I do believe I have ruined a lot of minds...oh well...ENJOY!

Alas I do not own the rights to Professor Layton...le sigh, I wish I did.


Frank said...

I really enjoy your varied interests and inputs from games, music and character animation, film and TV animation. Your blog is green and very interesting to visit.

Scheree said...

I am in agreeance. These fellows make be put forward to the movie industry.

Gyaaaah such beautiful animation. One day I will need to actually play those games

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