Monday, July 12, 2010

Rock and Rule 1983

It is one of those under appreciated films that I adore. I remember watching this as a kid and well, Mok scared the crap out of me. It is about a futuristic world where the human race died out while animals like mice, dogs, cats, rats all that jazz survived, mutated into human forms...sort of.

A band trying to make it big only to be spotted by a man who is the most famous star in the world, but something isn't right...why would he focus on one band member only? The lovely Angel holds the power to release a demon from another dimension with her voice and Mok wants it...

It is a movie that you must check out! But for now here is the clubbing scene which I enjoy the most. Oh, got to love the big boned Cinderella!


Frank said...

Whoa! There was a lot happening there.

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