Saturday, September 25, 2010

Animation Update Colour Choice?

Although it seems that I like to keep everything hush, hush, I thought it would be great to get some comments on what background seems better. As even with my animation the feel is not coming through yet until I have the colour backgrounds completed. Although I do have a lot done of them, I have two versions, one a minimalist to show off the main two characters and the other filled with...a more dulled down colour sheet. Tell me what you think!

So here they are...I must admit I am more leaning towards the first one with the hues of white and black simply because it makes everything barren. I don't know really.


Frank said...

I agree with your instinct. The first one.

Cassandra Vanderkop said...

The first one is really nice!!

Tim D. said...

The first ones seems a more attractive option, the higher contrast between the snow and sky is more enticing visually, whereas the colours in the second one seem to blend together a little.

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