Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Wars Review

Well what can we say about a Japanese Anime that talks about love, battle, hardships and awesome boat scenes? THAT IT ROCKS!

Summer Wars, one of the newest films released by the Studio Mad House [Girl Who Lept Through Time, Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and the TV series Paranoia Agent] have once more hit it right on the mark.

The story is based upon the life of a mild mannered, mathematics Olympic 'almost' champion Kenji Koiso, his summer job only beginning to start with working in 'OZ' an online world of potential, shopping, fighting, living, it is everything to millions around the world as all have an account. It is not until his dream girl Natsuki Shinohara appears to ask him if he wants a summer job...obviously, red faced and happy he accepts...that is until he finds out he has to pretend to be her boyfriend and future husband. [You'd think he'd be happy]

From there he is thrust into the large and very old heritage of the Jinnouchi family, their lives a filled with interesting people and perspective. Only with this comes OZ and a deadly threat known as the 'Love Machine'. Destroying everything in its part within OZ, this character starts to toy with the world. Is it playing one big game?

Well you have to see for yourself.

Personally, I loved this film. The animation was perfect when it came to animating the Japanese reactions, nose bleeds were a must along with tons of sweat. A beautiful friendship between the 2D and 3D made this an experience I shall not forget soon. Action, adventure, drama, love, it really does have it all...along with a kick ass villain.

So I give it ten fingers of approval. It is a movie not to miss so quickly see it if you can.

KOI KOI!!!!!!

See the movie and you shall understand.

Here is the trailer to enjoy.


Frank said...

It was an excellent animation expedition. I thought the film was excellent. It could have done with some more inbetweens in places and some jaw movements to go with those wide mouth movements.

The action sequences in 3D in OZ were outstanding. Highly creative. The backrounds were high art. The characters created strong empathy with the audience.

So many avatars.

Great fun. Thanks for the review Rachel.

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